Fire Destroys Oil Field Shop

Thick black smoke filled the air around the industrial park along Hwy 200 on Tues. April 28 when a welding accident ignited an oil pit and destroyed the Northwest Colorado Transport Shop.


By Pam Kukla

For the DC Herald

The five stall shop and everything inside was destroyed in a fire that lasted from 10 am until the Killdeer Fire Department returned to base at 6:30pm.

“Everybody got out of the building and nobody was hurt,” said Denise Brew, Dunn County Emergency Manager. Explosions were heard when propane, welding supplies and tires inside the building exploded. A trailer next to the shop holding tires was isolated from the fire by the fire department. “If that had caught on fire, it would probably still be burning,” added Brew. A cage with flammable tanks outside of the shop was pulled away by the firemen to keep it from exploding. Brew said everything seemed in the favor of the responders and no one was hurt in the fire.

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