Fourth of July!

One of the great things about living in Killdeer is the small town atmosphere which still reigns here.

Pat Merriman

By Pat Merriman

Dunn Co. State’s Attorney

Fourth July

Where I came from, in the “big city”, if you saw anything hanging on a light pole, you could rest assured that a city work crew, at taxpayer expense, was hanging some generic 4th of July banner to avoid offending some part of the population that thought Old Glory was a sign of oppression or something. Well, in my new North Dakota hometown, Garry McMahen (one of the founding members of the Nana Lil’s Breakfast Posse) was talking about needing some help hanging the flags this past Sunday morning. Violating the first rule of government service, I said, “OK” and volunteered. Not realizing that meant being up and ready to go at 05:00 AM- -only 5 short hours after attending a graduation party for my friends’ son Tobey. Needless to say, I was a bit fatigued when Garry rolled up.

Starting at the North end of town, Garry drove (not his new pickup truck he said, this was going to be rugged work) and, one hour later, standing in the bed on a short step ladder, we had hung 39 flags along Central Avenue. The only pesky part Garry noted, “This is the most traffic I’ve ever seen out here when we’ve started hanging these things.”

Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo about the oil “slowdown” because the traffic sure hasn’t slowed any since last year. Even at 5 AM. Now Killdeer is festooned with the flags, donated by the American Legion Post 46, and she looks like a proud, albeit a bit dusty and noisy, American town. Garry, a Vietnam War army artillery veteran related some interesting facts. The Legion Post has been in Killdeer since 1919, he and his other members have erected flags in town for the 25 years he’s been here, and the Legion has sponsored a ton of civic projects. Everything from a youth league baseball team (they’ll do it again if Killdeer gets another ball field), to oil company safety meetings, to mixed stag charity card events.

McMahen was also upbeat about the future of the Legion Post and its growing membership, “We’ve got 6 new young guys.” So, Killdeer, when you drive down Central Avenue, taking part in the traffic “surge”, take a moment to remember people like Garry McMahen who perform the little, unappreciated things that we all take for granted. Like not living in a nameless, faceless metropolis where Christmas is “winter festival or X-mas”, Easter is “Spring Holiday” and Independence Day is just another summer holiday to take your boat out to the lake.

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