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First-graders tell how they would cook a turkey


Mrs. Carlson’s class

We cop the heb off. Thin we took the gus out. Thin we took the neck off. Thin we cut the lags off. Thin we pout it in the oven.

Kaiden, 7

You buy it and you cut it’s head off and you take out the guts out and we cook the turkey and you put in the oven and you eat it.

Zoe, 6

First, I grab a turkey. Next, I take his feathers off. After that I cut his guts. Then, I put him in the oven. Last we eat him up!

Hayden, 7

I buy the turkey. I get the turkey out. I take the guys out. I put the other food on the table I bake the turkey.

Paola, 7

Rirst, we let it thaw out. Next we set the timer for 5:00. After that, we put the turkey in the oven. Then, we take it out of the oven. Last, we eat it.

Bryndal, 7

First, we go hunting and we get a turkey. Next, we bring it home. Then, we set the oven to 7:00. After that, the time is up! We take it out. Then, we set the table and we start to eat. Last, we clean up.

Jack, 7

First, start the oven to 7:00 clock. Next, I take the feathers off. After that, we take the guts out. Then, we cook it in the oven. Last, we put it in the freezer.

Paizley, 7

First, my aunt turns the oven on. Next, she put the turkey in there. After that, she waits for 10 minutes. Then, she puts the seasonings Last, we cut the turkey land we eat it! Yummy!

Ali, 7

First, I turn on the oven. We take the feathers off. We put it in. Then Last, We eat it.

Cashin, 6

First we ge The turnkey out of the refiger Next, get it in the oven. Then, get the turkey aut of Last we get out the.

Megan, 6

First, I get it out of Frig. Next, I put it on. 2 minutes After, I put salt on it. Then I put pepper on, and last I put it in the oven and I eag.

Makailah, 6

Mrs. Cotton’s class

Put turkey four 100., Pout one kup of yor , Pout one kup of grl.

Colter, 7

Solt goblrs gats

turkeys 2 caps of wotro pepper 2 caps of milk thercoc turkey for 60. Ther pote sam spis

Weston, 7

1 turkey -2 garlie-2 buter. 1/4 tse cajun seasonina.  put turkey in pat put butter unde the skin, scoop out neck and guts 1/4 tsp of cajun salt on skin gaarlic inside turtey cppl rpr 200 min +350

Cortona, 6

1 TRKe, 260, 3 milck, 4 soltan pepre

5 CUPUVGOlRick, 6 WaTeR

Holden, 7

1 Turkey, Salt, pepper

Snow forks, Knifes, ham, invite peple. 10 000, put the turkey in the oven for 10 000, invite people

Coy, 6

1 turkey in pan, 1 cup milk in pan, 2 cupsfo water in pan, 1 cup fo sugar in pan

1 cup fo pepper in pan, 100

Landry, 6

1 turkey, 1 spon of salt, 1 spoon of pepple, 1 cut of water, invite lots of people, 100

MaKenzie, 6

Trkey in the Pan, 2 budres on the Trkey

Peppres on the trKey, Sollt on teh trKey

frest put the tr Key in oven then put sezing, 100

Emelie, 6

50trcke, 1 CUP US Flawr, 10 e USe stack, braWnes, 80 a hoel daY

Riley Schollmeyer, 8

1 turKey, 1 pepper, 1 milck, 1 sugar

166 Duegesi 5, Pole the scin of the turkey.

Logan, 7

turKeY on the pan, 1 cup of butr 1 cut of pepper, 2 cap Of watr, put on the oven

50 cuckfor 10 awrs,

Sarnh, 6

1 turKey, 2 cups oruats, 3 bred stix

2 cup of millk, Take the guts out of the turkey, Turn the oven on for 100, Then eat the turKey

Matthew, 6

turkey, 1 kup of solt, 2 kups of pepper

3 kups of water, turn the nod on for 50

Put the turkey or the pan to make the turkey

Faith, 6

1 i buy my turkey, 2 i Put the water, 3 Pepper, 4 i Put the turkey too, 5 solt and buttrer

Melanie, 7

turn on the oven to 30, get a turkey. qut the turkey in the oven.

Jayden, 6

50 trcke, 2. Pan Sugar, 4. turn, 5. Pepper

Sami, 7

1 turkey on a pan, salt and pepper cookin the over for 100

Isaiah, 7

1 tukey al pah

tyrl 1 Kup of fal suggr. 100 kooc

Keggin, 6

Pout turKey foru 100

Pout one kup of yor

Pout one kup of grl.

Cotter, 7

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