Future Hall of Famers: T-Ball takes to the diamond in Killdeer

The first T-Ball scrimmage was held last week, and the field was filled with 3-6 year olds that were learning the fun of the game.

Nicole Nowitzki
Dunn County Herald
At the beginning, Coaches Heather Travis and Louis Dobitz were working with the children to practice throwing overhand, catching thrown balls and ground balls, and hitting off the tee. Their helpers were Zane Pittsley, Kacen Gartner, and Jake Travis, and they were an asset to these beginners. They split the team in half, and they had them play each other. Once the game began, it was nothing but giggles and laughter from the families in the viewing area.
Children taking their turns at bat, running in every direction around the bases, and spinning circles in the outfield until it began to downpour.
Children and parents scattered to the covered pavilion, and since the rain soaked the players, parents, and field, everyone called it an adorable success and went home.
Learning a new sport is always a highlight for the children and parents, but they learn quickly, so soak in these bloopers while you can.
Who knows? Perhaps there is a future hall-of-famer in the mix.

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