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Permit Required to Possess Dead Deer, Find Your Deer License

Permit Required to Possess Dead Deer
North Dakota Game and Fish Department enforcement personnel are issuing a reminder that a permit is required before taking possession, or any part, of a dead deer found near a road or in a field, including the skull with antlers. Only shed antlers can be possessed without a permit.
Permits to possess are free and available from game wardens and local law enforcement offices.
In addition, hunters are reminded to properly dispose of dead deer. Harvested deer cannot be left on the side of a roadway or in a ditch, and deer parts cannot be discarded in commercial dumpsters.

Find Your Deer License
The North Dakota Game and Fish Department reminds deer hunters to find their license and check it for accuracy.
Every year the Game and Fish Department’s licensing section receives last-minute inquiries from hunters who can’t find their license. When that happens, it’s difficult to try to get a replacement license in time for the season opener.
Another reason to check the license now is to make sure the unit and species is what was intended.
Deer hunters in need of a replacement license can print out a duplicate (replacement) license application from the Game and Fish website,, or can call 701-328-6300 to have an application mailed or faxed.
Hunters who obtain a duplicate license at a Game and Fish district office must pay by either a check or money order (available at most convenience stores). Cash or credit cards are not accepted.
The form must be completely filled out and notarized, and sent back in to the department with a fee.

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