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Plan Revised, Game and Fish at State Fair, BOW Annual Workshop has Openings, Proposal to Eradicate Fish at Danzig Dam, and 2013 Deer Gun Lottery

By Sage Grouse

Posted July 12, 2013

Plan Revised

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has completed a draft revision of a 2005 plan that addresses conservation of sage grouse within the state. The Department is accepting public comments on the revised plan through Aug. 1.

The sage grouse plan is available on the Game and Fish website at; or by mail by contacting Game and Fish at (701) 328-6300.

Sage grouse are native to the far southwestern corner of North Dakota and the population within the state has declined steadily over the past 30 years. The 2013 count indicated the lowest number of male sage grouse observed since Game and Fish biologists started the annual spring survey in the 1950s.

Game and Fish Director Terry Steinwand said the sage grouse plan was developed to address potential listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the Endangered Species Act. “North Dakota is one of 11 Western states that has a sage grouse population,”  Steinwand said, “and all states are developing conservation plans to address population decline throughout the sage grouse range.”

The plan lays out a framework that allows for local and public input that will help with conservation actions. The long-term goal is enhancement of sage grouse habitats in North Dakota, often through private-public partnerships, that will again support a healthy self-sustaining sage grouse population.


Game and Fish at State Fair

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will host thousands of visitors to its Conservation and Outdoors Skills Park July 19-27 at the State Fair in Minot.

Visitors will be treated to an array of activities, exhibits and useful information as the park will be staffed from 1-7 p.m. daily. Pathways to Hunting, Fishing and Trapping are major attractions where fishing, shooting, archery and furtaking are taught to interested kids and adults. Of course, the opportunity to catch a fish brings excitement to the littlest angler.

Don’t forget to check out the live fish display, or stop by the furbearer exhibit and discuss trapping with the experts, or relax and enjoy native prairie plantings.

An added incentive – it’s all free.

The Conservation and Outdoors Skills Park is located on the north end of the grounds near the All Seasons Arena.


BOW Annual Workshop has Openings

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program still has openings for the annual summer workshop Aug. 9-11 at Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau.

Enrollment is limited to participants age 18 or older. Workshop fees of $135 cover instruction, program materials, use of equipment, all meals and lodging.

Participants can choose from more than 30 programs, including archery, canoeing, introduction to firearms, fly-fishing, kayaking, global positioning system, plant identification, and tracking and trapping.

BOW workshops are designed primarily for women with an interest in learning skills associated with hunting, fishing and outdoor endeavors. Although open to anyone age 18 or older, the workshops are tailored primarily to women who have never tried these activities or who are beginners hoping to improve their skills.

Women interested in attending the workshop can enroll online, or print and mail an information brochure and enrollment form, at the Game and Fish website, More information is available by contacting Nancy Boldt at (701) 328-6312, or email


Proposal to Eradicate Fish at Danzig Dam

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is proposing to chemically eradicate existing fish populations in Danzig Dam and the Storm Creek watershed in Morton County.

Aquatic habitat supervisor Scott Elstad said Danzig Dam was recently drawn down to install a water control structure and complete shore enhancement projects. The lake has a history of fish kills and the water control structure should help prevent significant winter kills.

“Fish populations are currently dominated by carp and bullhead, which create a problem for fish management,” Elstad said. “It is a good time to attempt a chemical eradication while the lake is drawn down.”

If the existing fish population was eliminated, Elstad said newly stocked fish would not have to compete for food, or be eaten by bullhead. “These fish would get established quicker, and a decent sport fishery could be established in just a few years versus maybe decades,” he said.

Eradicating fish populations is costly and time consuming. The chemical used is rotenone and is not harmful to animals at application concentrations. At the time of application and until the reservoir refills the drawdown valve would be closed to prevent fish kills downstream.

The eradication would take place sometime before September. Restocking with northern pike and perch will begin in 2014.

Game and Fish is accepting comments on the project until July 19. Comments should be directed to southwest district fisheries supervisor Jeff Hendrickson in Dickinson at (701) 290-1365, or email


2013 Deer Gun Lottery

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will conduct the 2013 deer gun lottery the last week in July.

Licensing manager Randy Meissner said several thousand paper applications need to be entered into the system before the lottery is held. “In the past we were able to run the lottery once all regular gun applications were entered, but with the new law it looks like the end of July will now become the normal time period for holding the deer lottery,” Meissner said.

The 2013 state legislature passed a law that requires gratis applicants interested in receiving an any-legal-deer license to submit the application before the regular lottery application deadline.

“Therefore, both regular gun and gratis applications submitted by paper have to be entered manually before the lottery can be run,” Meissner said.

Applicants who applied online and submitted an email address will receive notification once the drawing has has been held. Others can access the Game and Fish Department’s website at to find individual results, or to sign up for email/text alerts.


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