Geo-Comm reps to verify addresses in Dunn County

Attention Residents:

In November 2011 the State of North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (North Dakota DES) selected Geo-Comm, Inc. (GeoComm) of Saint Cloud (, Minnesota for Address Point Services for the Statewide Seamless Base Map Project. This Seamless Base Map is intended for 9-1-1 purposes.Posted 11/04/13

During the project, some residences and businesses will be visited to verify addresses for which other resources weren’t sufficient.

The GeoComm Fieldwork crew will be in Dunn County between the dates of Nov. 4 and Nov. 27.

In some cases the GeoComm Field Technician will only need to verify the location of the residential structure and will not need to speak to the resident. In these cases, you may see a GeoComm vehicle come up your driveway, then turn around and leave.

If your house number is not posted on your structure, a GeoComm Field Technician may approach your house to verify your address and landline telephone information. This information will be utilized to verify and update the address point layer information for the project.

If the GeoComm Field Technician is unable to connect with a resident, a paper survey with contact information will be left behind. They ask that you assist in the successful completion of this project by either calling a North Dakota Project Team member at 888.436.2666 or visiting the online survey site at to provide the information requested per this survey.

Information provided to GeoComm will be considered confidential and its distribution restricted to only those parties involved in the Statewide Seamless Base Map Project.

If the resident or business has concerns or questions about this process or providing information over the phone, please contact your county’s 911 Coordinator or the North Dakota DES Public Information Specialist, Cecily Fong, at 701-328-8154.


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