Get Ready for Winter Weather

Governor Dalrymple declared Monday, October 27 through Friday, October 31, “Severe Winter Weather Awareness Week.” During the week, North Dakotans are reminded to get ready and prepare for severe winter weather.
Severe winter weather conditions in North Dakota include:
• Extremely cold temperatures
• Dangerous wind chills
• Heavy snow
• Blizzards
• Ice storms
• Freezing rain
These conditions can cause severe injury and death due to hypothermia, frost bite, heart attacks, strokes, and traffic accidents. During a blizzard, it is not uncommon to suffer power and telephone outages and experience a shortage of food because of inaccessible transportation routes. Families preparing for winter should have safe alternative heating sources and enough fuel and food, and water for at least 72 hours. Now is also the time to prepare an emergency kit for your car.
For more information about winter storm preparedness, please visit the “Get Ready, Get Set, Get Safe” section of the NDDES website:
Severe winter weather information and fact sheets.<

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