GIFT-BUYING GUIDE: Mother’s Day is May 12

A gift-buying guide to motherly archetypes


Posted May 10, 2013

A gift-buying guide to motherly archetypes

The Gardener

A beautiful garden, what with all the work that goes into it, can be the most satisfying of hobbies. And if your mom is into it, chances are she’s getting ready to start right around now. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get her set up with the best tools and help bring her garden to the next level.


The Tech-Savvy Mom

If you think you’ve seen a lot of new technologies develop in your lifetime, imagine how much your mom has seen. She knows as much about how rare televisions used to be as she does about being able to watch Netflix wherever she goes. She was also the first person you knew to have a cellphone and knows her way around tech gadgets better than you do. She is always looking for the next cool thing because she knows it’s out there.


The Chef

No, your mom makes the best Tiramisu. She’s the reason you can claim best recipe at a party even though you called her an hour before to ask how to make it. And she’s the reason you shun smart food as though it were an abomination to the spirit. She masters the art of comfort food just as much as she can pull off the trickiest and trendiest recipes out there. In fact, she should be on Top Chef.


The Traveler

You were the kid who spent a year in Africa when you were in elementary school and who visited at least two continents by the time you started high school. By now, you’ve settled down, but your mom is still finding places and spaces to discover. Or maybe it’s a passion she was only able to explore once you grew up. Nonetheless, she has an appreciation for the finer things in life from all around the world.


The Businesswoman

She taught you everything you know about business and is still going strong with her own. She’s busy, but always on top. Managing kids and a career is remarkable in itself, and moms often bypass taking care of themselves, which is why you find her a couple of items that should help her plow through her busy lifestyle with the grace you’ve always admired her for.


The Hipster

Our parents were at the forefront of the hipster movement. They’re the ones who were reading Foucault, wearing round-rimmed glasses and rocking high-waist jeans before anyone else. Nowadays, they’re non-traditional, they’re alt and in some ways effortlessly cooler than we are. Find items that reflect your hipster mom’s individuality and free spirit.


The Grandmother

She’s your rock. Years passed and you’ve grown up, but somehow she’s never changed. She’s always been there, always willing to lend a hand to you and your parents without ever asking for anything in return. Mother’s Day, though, is the perfect time to make her feel like the special woman that she is.


The Fit Mom

Fitness is something your mom has understood to be one of the fundamental parts of a healthy lifestyle. When you got up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons, she was already out on her daily run and is still one of the healthiest people you know. Help her spice up her routine with some sweet new gear. Just make sure she won’t outrun you on your next workout together.


The Eco-Conscious Mom

Although the environment may not have been much of a priority in the past, your mom is with the times and knows the ins and outs of the three Rs. She works hard at reducing the ecological footprint of the people around her. Find items to help her help the environment.


The Trendsetter

You inherited your sense of style from her, and even now, she is ahead of the latest trends and has been reading Vogue as far back as you can remember. She rivals Diana Vreeland in your eyes, and since she really knows what’s up, it can be hard to find her a suitable gift.

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