Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

“Giving Thanks in Troubled Times” was the theme for the nonprofit Dunn County Writers at their November 6 meeting in Dunn Center.
By The Dunn County Writers
Just What is Thanksgiving?
Verna Wolf, Killdeer

T…Tummy too full. Turkey gobbling around inside.
H…Honey dripping onto the white linen tablecloth from the bun.
A…Aromas mingling. Hairspray, perfume, shaving lotion, burnt green beans.
N…No room under the table for legs. Kicking and smirks ensue.
K…Kiss for the cooks? No way! They slobber!
S…Sour cream pie. Eight pieces, 10 pie lovers. Who gets a cookie instead?
G…Gravy on Gramp’s white shirt. Guess what? Gramma gripes.
I…Ice bad outside. Inside we all will be. No fox ‘n’ goose today.
V…Vim and vigor abound anyway. Poker and beer, anyone?
I…Intellect not needed today. We relax and tell stories and jokes. Some not too clean.
N…Not engaged in surroundings. Cat’s poor tail is used as a roller rod more than once.
G…Grateful beyond words this goofy nut house, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Every Single Moment
Shawn Thompson, Dunn Center

Every single moment we are given the opportunity to make something of our life, whichever way one may wish. You can show one another the appreciation you have for what has been given or for what has been. It’s these moments that make you ponder and question the way things are and that, hopefully, open not just another door but a new way of thinking.
Being able to express your feelings so others can understand can be quite challenging. At times, it may even seem impossible. But you must continue on the path of finding your sacred for, if you don’t, it will be lost. Don’t let fear get in the way. You can overcome anything you set your mind to.
There may be a storm making the obstacles more difficult to get towards. But once the storm has finally ended, once the
pain has finally gotten to the point of no more, you are a survivor.
Now what are you going to do to make things better for not only yourself, but for those around you as well? Finding that purpose can almost put you in fear if you don’t know where to look. Keep on the search, even through all the blowing snow. Try to see past that blinding light to keep moving on, through the times when you need to stay strong.
Just know you are not alone in this storm we call life. Thanks be to God.
~Wise Words of Panda

Sunday Afternoon
Ruth Granfor, Dunn Center

A friend and I decided to visit a nursing home. It was Sunday afternoon, about 3 p.m. when we arrived.
The hallways were empty as most of the residents were in their own rooms. It was not long before we had two people willing to play a game of Whist. Whist is a card game with four players. We went into the activity room, found a table and chairs.
My partner was a woman in a wheelchair. She didn’t talk much but knew how to play the game…Good!
My friend’s partner was a man. He, too, knew the game…Good!
A Whist game has 13 points in order to win. My partner and I had nine points, and my friend and her partner had 10 points. However, time had gotten away from us. It was 5:20 p.m. and the two residents had to go to the dining room for their evening meal.
“We’ll keep the score sheet and come back, because this game isn’t over yet,” I said to my partner.
She looked at me and gave me the most beautiful smile!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Craft Rooms
Pat Bailey, Dunn Center

I need to find my craft room. Someone sure messed it up! When I walk in, I know I should throw some small items away, but I might need one or two of them tomorrow. I will just put them over on a shelf or in a container that isn’t full.
When I find my craft room, maybe I’ll do my Christmas cards this year. Everything is cut out and ready from last year. Where are they? I will either find them or I will just have to start over with a new idea. I do have a few floating around in my head. Maybe I can put them down on paper for later and then lose the paper in my craft room!

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