Halliday elementary school supply list 2014 – 2015

(Parents/Students: Please bring these supplies to your classroom the first day of school, or let the office know if you are unable to.)

(Please mark your child’s name on supplies & clothing – unless otherwise noted)

(Teachers may have another list of supplies on the first day of school that will be sent home with the students.)

1 box sandwich zip-lock bags 1 box gallon zip-lock bags 1 backpack – large enough to fit a three ring binder (no wheels)

Small pencil box 24 – #2 pencils 1 – child size scissors 1 white glue – bottle 2 glue sticks Folders (5) – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Design (which will be their take home folder – need pockets as well)

Clean old sock for dry eraser 2 large pink erasers 1 – 24 pack Crayola Crayons 1 – 12 pack Crayola colored pencils 2 spiral bound notebooks 2 boxes facial tissue 2 thin black white board markers 1 paint shirt 1 tube disinfecting wipes Highlighters Gym shoes

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