Halliday Public School takes education by the Horns

Halliday Public School is taking great strides to further the education of their students. What was formerly a K-12 school, has recently become a K-6 after North Dakota guidelines determined that Halliday would enter into a co-op with Killdeer Public School.

By Bryan Katz

This is the first year that Halliday has ever been a K-6 school with between 30-35 students, but that’s not stopping Administrator Tony Duletski and his team from making drastic improvements in the field of education.

After the high school programs were cut, an empty wing of the school was left wide open. Where many may have seen a gaping obstacle, Halliday Public School sees vast opportunity. This new wing will, in theory, be used for independent labs where students can experiment with science, math, art and reading.

iPad Pros were purchased for each student at the school, along with brand new smart boards to improve the quality of teaching. Tony Duletski says, “We’ve got to be futuristic and prepare these kids for jobs that haven’t yet been created.” By improving teaching methods and keeping kids focused with hands-on learning, it is Tony’s, and the entire staff at Halliday Public School’s goal to, “start grooming them [students] for the future.”

Through further discussion with Tony and his partner, Denise Soehren with Roughrider Education, it was clear that the education standards of this day and age haven’t changed much from decades ago. Halliday Public School is focused on changing that by, hopefully, incorporating a 4-day school week with an off-day of “STREAM” where children can independently study science, technology, reading, engineering and art.

While every aspect of the 2017-2018 school year looks promising for the school, there is always a need for staff. Currently, Halliday Public School is seeking Clerical Personnel, Secretarial Personnel and Kitchen Staff.

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