Have you seen some folks wearing those bright orange tee shirts?

They say “We are Dunn County”.
You know who isn’t Dunn County?  The oil and gas industry and the landfill companies wanting to dump radioactive oil field waste in our county.  Dunn County is farmers, ranchers, and cowboys.  We were here before the last boom and we’ll be here after all the oil is sucked out of the ground.
Dunn County is the people who live here who love the land, the water, and the air and think we should try and maintain our quality of life for the next generation.  Dunn County is you, our neighbors, our family, and our friends.
The County Commissioners will be voting to approve the so-called “Houghton Landfill” on May 20th, 11:00 am at the County Courthouse in Manning.   Under current county laws and ordinances, landowners have zero protection against projects like Houghton.  Our only protection is you.
So, if you love Dunn County like we do, we need you to come and support your neighbors and show our commissioners that Dunn County doesn’t want or need a radioactive dump.

Roque & Karen Kadrmas, Manning

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