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The R-COOL-Health Scrubs Camp is an exciting program supported by the Center for Rural Health (CRH) at The University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences focusing on rural students.

Justice Howling Wolf, Michael  Moreno and Steena Larsen Cassidy Willis and Ashley  Rogers

By Cherie Roshau

For the DC Herald

The local 2016 R-COOL-Health Scrubs Camp was held on March 23, 2016 at the Hazen High School. The overall purpose of the program is to increase awareness, interest, and understanding of health careers available in rural North Dakota through creative and interactive activities. The freshmen Killdeer Public School students were invited to attend. Miss Viveros and Mrs. Roshau accompanied the Killdeer students on this wonderful adventure in health career discovery. More than 120 students from the Hazen, Center-Stanton, Killdeer and Beulah school districts traveled to Hazen to Scrubs Camp. The camp was one of 10 held throughout the state as a part of a campaign to increase awareness, interest, and understanding of health careers available in rural North Dakota. During the camp, students had opportunities to participate in hands-on experiences and learn about health career tracks such as public health; emergency medicine; nursing; physical, respiratory and occupational therapy; social work; health informatics; and pharmacy. One of the displays was a “blow-up” intestine in which the students were able to walk through and visualize the various stages of polyps. Some students examined a cow’s heart and discussed the fundamentals of heart functions. Other students were able perform cpr on robotic “dummies”.

The students also had opportunities to read X-rays and take simulated training in concussion testing and administering vaccines, and listened to presentations about medical coding; nutrition and digestion; how infectious diseases spread, and how medications can be administered through an IV.

The 2016 R-Cool- Health Scrubs Camp a huge success this year. The camp was able to touch the lives of students in 8th and 9th grade from Hazen, Beulah, Center-Stanton and Killdeer School Districts. R-Cool-Health Scrubs Camp provides a unique opportunity for middle school and high school students to explore careers in the health sciences, assisting our rural communities to grow our own health care professionals by providing them with experience in a variety of interactive hands-on activities, and engage in discussion to get them excited about careers in the health sciences.

Maybe, some of these students will be practicing medicine in Dunn County! We will probably never know which session is going to impact one of the students but, inevitably, there is that one moment when you see a light bulb go on and you know you’ve made a difference.

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