Heart against Height

Recently, Killdeer had an unbelievable amount of students qualify for the State Track Meet, held in Bismarck, and many of them placed against North Dakota’s best high school athletes. We had some students end their high school careers at this meet, but we also had some new, up-and-coming students ready to fill their shoes.

Jace Andersen a prominent name in the sports world at Killdeer School, and I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot about him over the next few years. He is an outstanding wrestler (went to Nationals in Iowa), talented cross country runner (went to State in Jamestown), fantastic football and basketball player, and an extraordinary track competitor: long jump, 100, 400, 800, mile, 2 mile (went to State in Bismarck for 2 mile).

When he found out that he qualified for State, he was shocked and overjoyed. It must be an amazing feeling to just complete a run, recover, and want to celebrate at the same time.

“My competition was really nice to me, and when Ryan Wheeling shook my hand before the race, it was pretty cool. It’s also a little intimidating, but I try to not look at their size,” Jace recalled.

Sometimes, when people are faced with a large task, they crack under the pressure. When he was at the starting line awaiting the starting pistol, Jace stated, “My adrenaline was going and I was really, really nervous.” However, he did not crack. He held his own against others that have been running in these venues for years. While he was running, he was thinking, “Just run my race and push myself as hard as I can.” This is a very mature frame of mind because some tend to focus on others, winning, or beating a specific person.

When he was asked about his future, he replied, “I look forward to being stronger and hopefully a little taller and bigger next year.”

This was a great experience for him to learn and grow. Amy Andersen recently wrote, “I hope you always remember the sound of the crowd as you crossed that finish line. You are a star.” We are all excited to see what is in store because we can’t wait to see this star shine!

Nicole Nowitzki


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