High Plains Cultural Center Under Fire


If you’ve driven through Killdeer, chances are you’ve noticed the big building with a sign that reads, “High Plains Cultural Center.” This building has quickly become a landmark in the community, as well as the county. Many weddings have been held at this facility, as well as the Dunn County Fair and other catered events.

By Bryan Katz

However, this building has been under some pretty harsh controversy within the past few months; especially after an election was suggested to raise the citywide sales tax by .5% to fund the building. The City of Killdeer had only published one notice instead of three separate notices as well as failing to make mention of where the polls would be located, which counted the results of the election – 77 yes to 87 no – as void. Another election is in the process of being set up to accommodate the people of Killdeer who didn’t have a chance to voice the opinion on the matter.

As a result of the controversy that is engraved into the grounds of the High Plains Cultural Center, the unthinkable happened on the morning of Monday August 28. What was ruled as a .22 caliber bullet hole had punctured a pane of glass that encloses that beautiful, old-fashioned carriage that sits out front.

Unfortunately, the High Plains Cultural Center has security cameras that face only the parking lot, and not the street. Finding the suspect would be nearly impossible.

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