High Plains Cultural Center names director

Ken Roshau has recently been hired as the High Plains Cultural Center, Executive Director.

Ken Roshau
Ken Roshau
By MAGGIE PIATZ | Staff Reporter
Ken Roshau has recently been hired as the High Plains Cultural Center, Executive Director. Roshau came to HPCC from the Diocese of Bismarck. He has spent the past 21 years as Director of Youth Ministry in Bismarck.   When he saw the advertisement for the Executive Director Position, it caught his eye and thought this might be for me. You may recognize his face from seeing him drive part-time last year for school events.  Because he traveled a lot with his old job, he wanted to slow down a bit. This position intrigued him and he was happy to find he can work in one spot and not have to travel so much. His official start date is July 28th. Roshau’s wife is a teacher at the Killdeer School. When the Dunn County Fair Board advertised this position, Terrald Bang said they looked at two applicants. Both were very good and it was a very tough decision to make as to which one they would hire. Over the 4th of July, the building was open to anyone who wished to see the inside; even though it was not complete. In order to get the building up and running the Dunn County Fair Board had to also make some tough decisions on where to scale back the plans. At the entrance of the building, you come into a room designed for tourism with kiosks showing visitors the area’s attractions. There is an office, a meeting room, and a lobby. Walking back toward the east part of the building is the multi-purpose room. At the top of this room is a finished walkway leading to a workout room. Planners have included a kitchen with appliances and have storage for tables and chairs. Bathrooms are located just before you enter the multi-purpose room.  Occupancy allows for 500 guests. They are currently working on solutions for the parking lot. There are drainage and storm water issues. The City of Killdeer has asked them to complete a curb, gutter and storm sewer. The cost of this will be approximately $500,000. The Fair Board has enough money to complete the building as it is, but is in need of donations or financing to move forward with the parking lot project. As it appears now, the building cannot officially open unless this is all meets code. Phil Askerlund, of Epic Engineering has met with local contractors about this issue and is looking for solutions. He has asked them to complete elevation shots and to come up with a plan of their own for drainage. Once they get an idea of other options for fixing the drainage problem they will appear before the Killdeer Commission with these options and try to work out an agreement between all parties. The Dunn County Fair Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the basement of the County Extension Building in Killdeer. They are asking for donations to help them complete the parking lot. They invite everyone who is interested to come in and work with the board for solutions to get the High Plains Cultural Center project to completion.

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