Highway Patrol to Conduct Alcohol Saturation Operation

The weekend of August 30 through the 31, the North Dakota Highway Patrol will be conducting an Alcohol Saturation in Stark County. NDHP Troopers will be on patrol to detect and apprehend alcohol impaired driver.

Posted August 30, 2013

Impaired drivers continue to be a major threat to the safety and well being of the public. On average about 50 percent of fatal crashes are alcohol related. Alcohol Saturations are a major enforcement and public information effort aimed at reducing these alcohol-related crashes.

The primary purpose of an Alcohol Saturation is to deter the deadly practice of drinking and driving and also to apprehend impaired drivers. Public information and education plays an important role in increasing the perception of “risk of apprehension” of motorists who would choose to operate a vehicle while impaired by alcohol.

The Highway Patrol is committed to providing a safe environment for all motorists.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is asking that if you choose to drink, have a designated driver or call someone for a ride.

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