Hill Top Highlights

Most of the Residents cannot attend the church of their choice but “church” comes to us.

By Ferne Combs

Posted April 4, 2014

Catholics have Mass every Wednesday morning, unless Father Darnis from the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of Killdeer has a funeral. Cheri Kershisnik comes every Thursday to have Rosary and she brings treats for us to eat. Deacon Bob Schettler comes every Sunday to give communion.

Tuesday of each week is “church” day for the Protestant. The first Tuesday brings Pastor VanWagner from Halliday Assembly of God Church. The 2nd Tuesday is Pastor Stoval from Christ is the Answer Church in Killdeer. The 3rd Tuesday is Pastor John or Pastor Rachel from St. John’s Lutheran Church of Killdeer. The 4th Tuesday is Pastor Ray from the Manning Community Church. If there is a 5th Tuesday it will be St. John’s Lutheran again.

Pastor Rande Kerr of Killdeer holds a service every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in the activity room at Hill Top Home.

We often have visitors after the church services on Tuesday at 2 p.m. if you care to join us.


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