HIT is Back

Daniel Kerr has brought back the HIT (High Intensity Training) program to Killdeer for its third year. The HIT program is an off season strength and conditioning program for youth, middle school, and high school athletes. The design of the program is very research driven and utilizes methods that have been proven to optimize athletic development as well as injury prevention.

By Nicole Nowitzki

Dunn County Herald

Kerr stated, “The HIT program was founded by dietitian and trainer, Joe Champa, for young athletes in 2012. This summer the program will train over 300 athletes across southwestern North Dakota and Eastern Montana. Joe enlisted the services of trainer and massage therapist Josh Karey (a KHS graduate) who in turn enlisted my help to establish the HIT program in Killdeer in the summer of 2015. There are over 50 Killdeer Jr. High and high school (and a few elementary) athletes enrolled in the HIT program this year. Helping me run the program in Killdeer this year are Ashley Jelly, David Leir, and Becki Andersen.”

The program will take place this year from June 1-August 3. Days of the week and times depend on assigned groups. The Killdeer HIT program utilizes the KHS weight room and football field to train.

“The Hit program is strategically designed to help young athletes develop and enhance physical strength, power, speed, agility, and injury prevention (this is a big part of the program). Also, a big facet of the program is the development of mental toughness in young athletes.

We are thrilled to be training and working with the hardworking and dedicated athletes in the community,” Kerr spoke of the program.

Students excitedly moved between stations to test their strength and agility. This program is going to keep this amazing Killdeer athletes during the summer, and they will be able to come back to school in the fall stronger than ever.

Jace Anderson jumps into shape.

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