Hoeven: Senate clears major hurdle, votes to end debate on Farm Bill conference report and go to final vote

Senator John Hoeven, who serves on the Senate-House conference committee that negotiated the final farm bill agreement, Monday said the U.S. Senate has cleared an important procedural hurdle to passing long-term farm legislation.Posted 2/ 04/14

By a bipartisan 72-22 margin, the Senate voted to end debate and bring the farm bill conference report to the Senate floor for final passage. The U.S. House passed the measure last week, and tomorrow’s Senate vote will send it to the president’s desk.

“We’ve worked long and hard on the Senate-House Conference Committee to bring the farm bill to this point, and now we’re close to pushing it over the line,” Hoeven said. “It will ensure that our producers have a solid safety net and Americans continue to enjoy the most diverse, affordable and high quality food, fuel and fiber in the world.”



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