Holiday High Visibility Saturation Patrol Held in Dunn County

On 17 December, 2015 the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office conducted a high visibility, saturation patrol effort to enhance and increase safety during this busiest motoring time of the year.

The effort was focused in a twenty mile radius of Killdeer; the densest population area of the county. Four additional Dunn County Deputies were on overtime status for the effort and were funded by the Criminal Justice Oil Impact grant. Three officers from the Killdeer Police Department and two from the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office also participated. This was the second high visibility, saturation patrol conducted this year in Dunn County. The North Dakota Highway Patrol conducts numerous similar efforts throughout the state annually. The focus of the effort of December 17th was narcotics and impaired driving. During eight hours of the patrol, 67 traffic stops were conducted resulting in 4 traffic citations, 6 written warnings, and over 50 verbal warnings. There were also three arrests made; one for Driving under Suspension and two for Possession of Marijuana. An ounce of marijuana was seized.

The best way to seriously combat impaired driving and illegal narcotics is to consistently enforce traffic law. The North Dakota Century Code mandates that one of the duties of the Sheriff is to enforce traffic statutes. NDCC 11-15- 03 – Duties of Sheriff-states that “the Sheriff shall: enforce, personally or through deputies, all statues defining traffic violations…”. Traffic stops are made for any violation of traffic laws and allows officers to make contact with the motorist. Officers then confirm that the motorist has the required documents (valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance) to legally operate a motor vehicle. As the above numbers confirm; most of these traffic stops result in a brief encounter, a verbal warning, and the opportunity for the motorist to correct whatever issue initiated the traffic stop. However, consistent enforcement also facilitates the detection of those who should not be on the road with the rest of the law abiding motorists.

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of the public. Happy Holidays!

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