Human error leads to pipeline spill in Dunn County

Statement from Crestwood Midstream on the pipeline spill:

“On November 12, 2017, there was a produced water release of 270 barrels in Dunn County, North Dakota.  The release is a result of a partially opened valve during the commissioning process of a new pipeline.  Our team recovered 233 barrels immediately in the excavation area and the remaining contaminated soil was removed.  We will continue to monitor the area and work to ensure the site is returned to its original state.  Crestwood is committed to safe, compliant and sustainable operations.”

A pipeline in Manning spilled due to human error leaking 270 barrels or 11,340 gallons of saltwater on Sunday, Nov. 12, according to the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division.

By Zak Wellerman

The error in the pipeline was crews forgetting to close the valve when hydrotesting the pipeline, North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources spokeswoman Allison Ritter said.
The spill was contained to the pipeline trench, according to the spill report obtained by The Bismarck Tribune.
After recovering 233 of the 270 barrels, the next step is to clean the contaminated soil, which should done by the pipeline’s company, Crestwood Midstream, Ritter said.
Ritter said that the department is looking into the spill, but it is up to the company to determine how to handle their employees. She added that as of right now the company is responding well to the situation.

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