Hunger Awareness Month showed successful

Janet Wanek

For the Herald

The month of May is host to many celebrations but the local Dunn County Food Pantry affiliated with St. John’s Lutheran Church in Killdeer and Dunn County NDSU Extension Service had a successful month of donations which should be a true testament of the generosity of local community members. In 2016 the Dunn County Food Pantry served 139 different households, average 83 individuals a month and distributed over 20,000 pounds of food. Of the 83 individuals served each month, over 1/3 of those are children so on average 28 kids receive food from the pantry each month. A survey completed last year showed 94% of individuals received food that meet the food needs and preferences of their families which meals the Dunn County Food Pantry is making a difference right in our own backyards.

This past month was a successful one for the Dunn County Food pantry which wanted to take a movement to thank many local entities who did food drives and gave donations probably without prior knowledge of May being Hunger Awareness Month! The local Boy Scouts Troop, Killdeer Elementary Student Council, District 4 North Dakota Cattle Women, Spring Creek Greenhouse of Killdeer, and Mr. Johnson’s 4th grade class all made separate donations to the food pantry last month. The Boy Scouts and student council each did separate food drive receiving numerous items which filled the shelves after the gave youth a great learning opportunity regarding how to check food for being outdated. The District 4 Cattle women donated 90 pounds of frozen hamburger with recipes attached which helps every family utilizing the pantry to have access to ground beef for a warm meal.

Other great donators in May included Spring Creek Greenhouse who gave gift certificates for individuals who wanted the opportunity to grow their own vegetable or fruits this summer, and last but surely not least, Mr. Johnson’s 4th grade class donated its “change” jar to the food pantry. This jar which youth had put coins in all year accumulated over $114 and was donated to Dunn County Social Services who then turned around and donated the funds to the Dunn County Food pantry.

Even with all of these wonderful groups who gave in the past month, a thank you is also needed to give to all the local volunteers or other individuals who make monetary donations during the year. The Dunn County food pantry functions off of donations and volunteers and they help make the difference in the over 80 individuals and their local community every month. Anyone who is interested in helping out the food pantry can always get ahold of St. John’s Lutheran Church or NDSU Extension Service in Dunn County. As Hunger Awareness month passes and summer approaches the food pantry will be coming up on its busiest time so the more help and volunteers the better! Also as a reminder the food pantry is open the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays of every month from 4:00-6:00 p.m. and is located at 125 Central Ave in Killdeer.

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