It is all about the fair

What is a fair without a little friendly competition? We are not talking about professionals, but local people within the community competing with the items from their hobbies and interests. There is a variety of options for everyone. Whether a person’s interest is in the kitchen, with a sewing machine, with a welding stinger, planting flowers and vegetables, behind a camera or on a horse. County fairs can bring out a fun spirit in anyone that participates.

The categories or classes in the Open Class Exhibit Book was simplified a couple years ago. The reason behind it was to reduce restrictions. It was to allow more items. For example the new Class 4 Photography Lot T is Any Picture. It used to be Class 7 Lot 230-245 and it specified people, animal, landscape, objects or a combination. The new class allows people to enter any photo and the entries are not limited. If a person has ten good photos they are welcome to put a simple mat around them and enter into Open Class. The same with the food classes. Think of all the different types of cookies, biscuits or breads that are made. A person may bring in 4 of each kind of cookie or biscuits and a loaf of each kind of bread that they make and enter them into Open Class on Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

Open Class is judged in age divisions: Pre-school, Children, Youth, and Adult Divisions. Every entry receives a ribbon and a monetary premium. All exhibits receive one of the following awards: superior ribbon with two dollars and fifty cents, blue ribbon with two dollars, red ribbon with one dollar and fifty cents, or a white ribbon with one dollar. A yellow rosette with a ten dollar prize is awarded to an outstanding exhibit in each class/lot.

The art class is not confined to painting and drawing. One can express an art idea through a welder, paint brush, needle and thread, flowers, electric saws and lumber, crayons and finger paint. Art can be expressed in abstract or realism form. All people are invited to bring their art for the open class that is accessible to everyone. We will be providing a great place for your self-expression and creativity. The students from our local schools are especially encouraged to enter art work that they have created this year. Be a part of the Dunn County Fair celebration!

The Annual Dress-A-Doll Contest is fun option for grandmas, mothers and children. It is a time to create or recreate memories of having the best dressed doll in town while winning money.  You can sew or buy your doll’s costume, putting in any stylish flair that you choose. When entering your doll please mark whether the outfit was bought or made. Dolls are available at the American Bank Center and First International Bank in Killdeer. Be sure to bring the dolls back to a bank by August 5, 2016. The dolls will be on display at the High Plains Cultural Center with the Open Class Exhibits. Voting will take place the evening of the Cooking Showdown. It will be a people’s choice awards with a first place prize of one hundred dollars, second place prize of seventy -five dollars and third place receives fifty dollars. The dolls will be auctioned off after the announcement of winners.

Get your creative juices flowing and start planning how you can participate this year’s county fair.

For pictures check out our facebook page 2015 picture albums. I took all these photos and you are welcome to download and use any of them.

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