‘It’s not about basketball’

Ganon Baker, regarded as one of the premier basketball skills trainer in the world, came to Killdeer School for a three hour presentation. The audience was floored by his incredible talent and life lessons.

Nicole Nowitzki

Dunn County Herald

He stressed three specific life skills: “#1. In order to be successful, we cannot be silent. Loud, positive energy is key. #2. We cannot be selfish as teammates and as humans. It is so important to encourage and support those around us. We must want each other to succeed. #3. We cannot be soft on the court and in life. When a coach criticizes you, take it. When something doesn’t go your way, take it and do something with it.”

Sadie Stahl, a student that attended the workshop, was in awe of Ganon. She couldn’t believe his basketball abilities, his strength, and the motivational words he spoke to each person individually. “It was amazing! He was the most incredible basketball player I’ve ever seen! He said, ‘This is not about basketball; it’s about life,’ and then he gave us ideas to make us better. Someone very quietly mentioned that they wanted world peace. He told her that if she wants world peace, she needs to speak up. She needs to stop being shy and believe it. He was so intense, and I liked that!” Sadie exclaimed.

Overall, this was a remarkable event, and I’m sure that the students that attended will always remember his inspirational words!

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