It’s Still Almost An Election Year!

Well, this past week was just fun as the droll, 2016 Presidential race and other political posturing continues to try and capture our imagination…or not.

Pat Merriman

By Pat Merriman

Dunn Co. State’s Attorney

First up, Saint Hillary of New York, or Arkansas, or Washington, or Benghazi… you pick. When asked in Chicago, at a town hall, media puff piece, about adopting new federal gun control laws like the 1996 Australian “buy-back” program which, essentially, banned all automatic and semiautomatic rifles and shotguns in that country, Clinton took a firm…well, wishy-washy…well no position at all in declaring that the +/- 650,000 guns taken from Aussie citizens (and destroyed) a success, “I do not know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australian example is worth looking at…by offering to buy back those guns, they were able to curtail the supply and to set a different standard for gun purchases in the future.” HUH? I guess we can just crank up the old press and print some more cash there fella. Wait…aren’t we short on cash right now?

Forum News Services dubbed the response an “unforced error that she will never hear the last of.” OK, I guess that one thing she did step in it over was comparing the Aussie program to the Obama Cash for Clunkers program. I agree on that one! That latter program was also a dismal failure and, at last check, some dealers are still waiting on that check in the mail with US News agreeing, on August 14, 2014, “Let’s remind ourselves of what Cash for Clunkers was meant to do and how it worked. In Obama’s words, the program was meant to ‘boost the economy’ by allowing folks to trade in their older less fuel-efficient cars for credits that go towards buying newer more fuel-efficient cars…it has succeeded well beyond our expectations and all expectations…The question is: Did the program work?” Waiting with bated breath dear friends? Of course not, the Prez. (and Hillary) are from the federal government, remember? This “stimulus” package actually hammered the car market in the US. Read on.

“According to the careful empirical analysis carried out by the three Texas A&M economists… Car sales went up during the program, but they went down by enough during the subsequent seven to nine months that the total number of vehicles sold within a year of the start of the program was not affected. And it gets worse…because of the environmental agenda embodied in some of the rules of the program, ‘folks’ used their credits to buy smaller, cheaper cars. As a result, total spending on new cars actually went down in 2009- 2010, at the height of the recession. The federal government spent $3 billion on Cash for Clunkers, and by doing so it reduced spending on new cars by, you guessed it, $3 billion. The program, which was somehow found to be consistent with the Obama doctrine of ‘don’t do stupid stuff,’ cost both taxpayers and carmakers $3 billion. Staggering.” So, rest assured, that if Hillary uses the Obama model, any proposed gun grab will fail…miserably. At least if you mean a loss of THREE BILLION is a failure. And, even Harvard’s own David Hemenway, “a darling of gun control supporters”, admitted, “We really don’t know” if the Australian gun grab reduced any gun violence in that country anyway. But, heck, something not working has never stopped a liberal anyway, has it?

Second, this past Tuesday, Reporter Jim Shaw bemoaned that “It’s bleak for North Dakota Democrats.” The reason? Not what you’d think unless you were thinking that Democrats in North Dakota don’t really want anyone to know that they’re Democrats in North Dakota. At least that’s what Shaw seemed to be saying, “Running for statewide office as a Democrat in North Dakota is like trying to eat a meal with your hands tied behind your back.” OUCH! In particular, the lack of a Democrat candidate for Governor bodes ill, “Under normal circumstances, Democrats should have candidates fighting for this nomination.” Without a Democrat in the race, Shaw opines, “we all lose…What I am saying is, it’s best for everyone if we have a choice. Candidates need to be challenged on the issues, defend their records, and give a vision for the future.” I ran this by the Breakfast Posse and, we all think that running a bad candidate, just to have a race, is NOT really a political choice or, a good thing. However, this same attitude actually seems to be looming on the Presidential horizon when people decry Dr. Ben Carson as being “too smart” to be President. HUH!

Have we really become so jaded as American voters that, literally, some pundits think that a brain surgeon isn’t sharp enough to lead a country? Shades of Jethro Boudine! And, remember, their votes count just as much as yours! Comforting isn’t it? I mean if you don’t like the guy because he’s a Republic or for his policies…OK…valid reason. But, to claim that a guy who literally holds someone’s life in his hands and stares death in the face on a daily basis can’t handle the pressure of American politics or being President? What’s next? A rocket scientist isn’t a good pick either? Because if you’re going to take brain surgeons and rocket scientists off the table…I mean… aren’t you just left with really…uh…not-very-smart people for politicians? Or, am I using the same term twice? I was raised with the ethic that the best one leads, the rest follow. But, maybe in the New Millennium, things are different. I wish someone had sent me the memo.

Finally, the Fargo-Moorhead native that drew national attention on Monday when she tried to pet a 3-legged tiger at the zoo doesn’t really have anything to do with Presidential politics but, hey, you can’t make this stuff up and, I just couldn’t resist! The “victim”, after she got, predictably, chomped, was reported to be “acting aggressively toward hospital staff and seemed intoxicated.” Who would’ve thought? I also gratuitously note that the Dickinson Press reported that “She had several run-ins with the law… and was estranged from [her] family.” I bet! You don’t want to claim these cats for relatives…it dilutes the gene puddle and family shrub. Just to be safe, the Press reports that “Omaha police issued this reminder to anyone who might want to extend their love to a wild tiger: Just in case you had any doubt … If you pet a tiger you will most likely get bitten.” Good advice! Particularly, since this gal probably is a registered voter. See…I did find a way to tie this into Presidential politics!

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