Jaese Lecuyer tunes up for Saturday reception in Killdeer


Singer-songwriter Jaese Lecuyer will serenade guests at Saturday’s “Bridging Cultures” reception at the HPCC in Killdeer.

Williston-based singer/songwriter Jaese Lecuyer (Algonquin-Metis) performs original songs accompanied by guitar during the “Bridging Cultures & Creative Journeys” reception on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. at the High Plains Cultural Center in Killdeer.

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, the multi-disciplinary artist has toured North America as a musician and dancer. He most recently worked as a director and choreographer in Southern Oregon School District’s theater programs and with Teen Musical Theater of Oregon.

Lecuyer’s uplifting songs revolve around the themes of nature and unity.

“There’s the general message of people coming together as one,” he said. “It’s an ideal that’s important to hang onto and speak about.”

Lecuyer signed onto the “Bridging Cultures” program because he believes in the power of personal interaction.

“Sharing a dialog or any creative experience in real-time builds bonds, bridges and understanding,” said Lecuyer, who moonlights as a truck driver. “Words are so important and I hope we can all be open, be listening and be inspired by other voices.”

The singer favors “a simplistic voice that reminds us to always reach outside and keep building those bridges.”

“In a social media- and media-dominated culture, there needs to be an increase in events that are actually about humans interacting in a tactile way,” said Lecuyer, who previously served on the faculty at the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater in Blue Lake, Calif., and was a dance educator at Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif.

Since moving to the Bakken Oil Patch about three years ago, Lecuyer has done a lot of observing and learning about the area.

“I’m entranced by this place and music has been banging around in my head,” he said. “It has challenged me to come at my work from a different angle and rediscover the words, like an opening to something new.”

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