Killdeer Ambulance awarded for excellence

The North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association, recently awarded the Killdeer Area Ambulance service four awards for excellent service to the SW Region EMS service area.

The Killdeer Area Ambulance volunteers pose in front of their ambulance. (RIGHT) The new Killdeer Ambulance services building.
The Killdeer Area Ambulance volunteers pose in front of their ambulance. (RIGHT) The new Killdeer Ambulance services building.

For the DC Herald
Posted May 9, 2014
The NDEMSA was founded in 1976 and is a statewide organization. Since its founding the ND EMS Association has played a significant role in providing education to EMS providers in our state.
One state award for the Killdeer Area Ambulance service cites “with our sincere appreciation for your outstanding professionalism and service to your community”. The employees and volunteers are especially proud of this award and it reflects on the excellent service we receive each time they are needed in our area.
The second award is also a state wide award and it states on the beautiful plaque, “Your significant contributions to the provision, development and improvement of pre-hospital care and EMS Education in your community are greatly appreciated.
Ryan Hauck, of Dunn Center, received the Siren Award for outstanding volunteer in the SW Region.
Nicole Handel, of Killdeer, received the Rising Star Award in the SW area for a new person working for a future in medical service.
Ann Hafner, Manager of the Killdeer Area Ambulance personal and volunteers is very proud of her group of workers and volunteers. She was hired in October of 2012. Previously, she was a Lab Technician in the Hazen Clinic and also worked as a volunteer Ambulance EMT for Mercer County. Ann is quick to say that there is a good working relationship among her workers. Everyone in her group is quick to tease each other and share a laugh or two. Ann also enjoys the many people who stop in for coffee or chat during their day.
The new facility is a beautiful addition to Killdeer, with plenty of room for those who are on call and have to be on location. She was quick to share with me that Daryl Dukart, Chairman of the Board of Directors on the Ambulance Board; was instrumental is raising funds for this amazing facility.
Many of the local oil companies have been good neighbors for this ambulance service. Donating money for the building and other needs which help the EMTs to do the best service they can provide for our area. To date they have received grants from Marathon who historically provides for their needs, Conoco Phillips recently provided a grant for protective gear. Both companies donated money toward the completion of the new facility. They have also received funding from the ND Oil Impact Fund. ITV’s for training have been provided for training so the EMT’s can be in Killdeer and attend classes while they are on call.
Local donors include Dale and Kami Kling Rodeo who have been very generous to the Killdeer Area Ambulance Service, Bosch Lumber with their donations of supplies for the new building and many other private donors are recognized by Ann Hafner and her crew.
One outstanding employee is Mallissa Smith, who has earned the title of Ann’s assistant among all of her workers. She is known for her tough exterior and gentle way with the patients as she rides along with them in the ambulance.
They recently received word that their 1995 ambulance is not safe to drive on calls anymore and they have had to park it. They will be working on future grant funding or donations to raise money for another ambulance. This past year they received a grant to purchase the Brown Ambulance and hope to raise enough money to soon have another much needed ambulance.
On May 20th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. they will be hosting an Open House to show appreciation of the generous support received this past year. They are cordially inviting you to celebrate EMS week.
Please join them as they share with the community their new home and equipment of the Killdeer Area Ambulance. The new facility is located at 25 High Street, ND in Killdeer.
They are in the red building located across the street from the school.

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