Killdeer Area Ambulance: A Better Understanding


If you’re native to Killdeer, Dunn Center, Grassy Butte or Manning, N.D., then you know that the Killdeer Area Ambulance plays a very important role in our communities.

By Bryan Katz

An organization that started as American Legion between 1970 and 1971 soon transferred into a volunteer program in 1992, and in 2004 became a taxing district run by the Board. Since then, it has struggled a tremendous amount to keep up with the rapidity of the oil industry.

In 2014, the Killdeer Area Ambulance was equipped with a brand new building which was another great leap forward after the dedication of their new ambulance the previous year.

The Killdeer Area Ambulance is equipped with an ALS with EMT license, which means that their ambulances are equipped with Advanced Life Support and have an EMT on board 24/7. The only other ambulance services who have this kind of technology in all of Western North Dakota are Dickinson, Williston, Stanley and New Town, leaving the KAA as one of the five.

The Killdeer Area Ambulance serves an area that covers 1,100 square miles including Dunn, Mckenzie and Billings counties. In addition to their quick response in these areas, they are also present at some major events held within Dunn County such as the Killdeer Saddle Club rodeos, Killdeer High School athletic events, the Dunn County fair, Maah Dah Hey Stampede and so much more.

And anybody knows, that with an area as large as this, there’s always need for volunteers. Currently, the Killdeer Area Ambulance employs 7 full-time members, while 12 volunteer and 5 come to serve whenever they can. The qualifications to volunteer are actually more simple than one may think; a current North Dakota drivers license, and the ability to pass a background check and drug test. The KAA is fully-prepared to train you and get you on your way to helping them save lives around Western Dunn County.

One program that has been extremely popular is the KAAdet program, in which youth are encouraged to volunteer and earn scholarships. Last year, the KAA gave away three $1,500 scholarships and one $750 scholarship to the members of their KAAdet youth program.

This program is for ages 12-18 and is very much hands on. At age 14, you are eligible to observe and ride in the units. At age 16, you are encouraged to work in the back with assisting the paramedic. And at age 18, you are eligible to become a driver.

In speaking with Ann Hafner, who has been with the Killdeer Area Ambulance for just over 5 years, she stated, “the goal is to keep kids interested, so that Killdeer Area Ambulance stays a local organization.” An excruciatingly awesome goal, indeed.

This upcoming Saturday, August 12, folks within the community are highly encouraged to come out for the Annual Killdeer Area Ambulance 5k, which will take place at 8:00 A.M., all proceeds for this event are going to support the KAAdet Scholarship fund.

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