Killdeer Area Ambulance Offers Community Classes, Information and Help

Are you interested in learning CPR? Do you need recertification of your previous basic CPR course? Killdeer Ambulance will be offering a class on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 10:00 am. This class will be a “Friends and Family” course which means that you will be trained in skills basic enough to help if a loved one collapses but not a course that you would be required to stop and assist in an emergency situation. This course does not give you a CPR card but is for people who are interested in learning the basics. Please call our office at 701-764-6300 to register for this class which will last no more than one hour. There will be no charge but a free-will donation will be accepted to cover the class costs.

Speaking of CPR, do you know where all the community accessible Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED) are located? In case of an emergency in Dunn County, it would be awesome if everyone could walk to an AED or at least had an idea of the closest one to their location. This is not a comprehensive list as there could be privately owned AEDs anywhere but the ones that our department is aware of are as follows:

Manning: Courthouse, there are two available. The new County Road Department and Weed Department shops each have one and the Western Choice C-Store also has one. Also, many of the Deputy Sheriffs have them in their patrol units.

Halliday: The Ambulance Hall, of course has one or two depending upon if the a m b u lance is out on a call. The County Road shop has one and the Halliday School has one.

Twin Buttes: The school has one and soon the Memorial Hall will also.

Dunn Center: Both the City Hall and Fire Hall have one each.

Killdeer: This list is larger of course, but includes the Police Department (one in each patrol unit), the County Road shop, High Plains Cultural Center, Killdeer Schools (three), the Fire Department and Ambulance Hall. Finally, when the new Aquatic Center is opened, there will be one there, as well.

Again, if there are any AEDs out in the community that are not on this list, please call Valerie at the KAAS to get put on the list. We would love to make sure we have everyone included.

Finally, have you been lucky enough or unlucky enough as the case probably is, to have taken a ride on the Valley Med helicopter in the last year? Did you know that Dunn County has a contract with the air service for payment of your bill? Approximately two years ago, Dunn County Commission purchased an “insurance” plan for all Dunn County residents in the event that you required the use of the medical services of Valley Med Flight. After your insurance paid their portion of the bill, any remaining costs owing will be dismissed by the company providing they are aware that you are a Dunn County resident. Each family with a current Dunn County address should have received a policy card in the mail and if you haven’t, please feel free to contact Valley Med at 866-447-7851. Also, if you have been billed by Valley Med and have paid the bill because you were unaware of this policy, you may also contact them at that same number. We hope that all of our county residents are never sick enough or injured enough to require a trip on a flight but, if you should, the bill should not be something you will have to worry about.

Everyone have a safe and happy spring, which is turning out to be a lovely one, and remember to contact us at 701-764- 6300 if you are interested in the community CPR class or if you are interested in becoming a part of our service through volunteer work. We are always looking for volunteers!

Valerie R. Oakleaf

Assistant Manager/ EMT

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