Killdeer Area Ambulance

The Killdeer Area Ambulance Service has been around since 1971.


Jordan W. (B&W)

By Jordan Wright

Some of us have needed their help, others might only know someone who has needed assistance, but we’ve all seen their ambulance driving around the Killdeer area. What you might not know, however, is that most of the Paramedics and EMTs are not from Killdeer. Due to Killdeer’s lack of affordable housing, the Killdeer Area Ambulance has only been able to house 20 percent of their full time employees, with the rest sleeping on couches, cots, or whatever else they could find.

In order to help alleviate the burden placed on the full time employees, the Killdeer Area Ambulance Service bought a three bedroom mobile home to be used by Paramedics and EMTs who travel from out of town and who generally work 72 hour shifts. However, they had no place to put the mobile home, so they reached out to parks in the area. Enter Peter Stalland.

Stalland, of Minneapolis, is the owner of the Killdeer Mountain Park, located at 10295 High St. northeast. When Stalland was alerted to the dilemma surrounding the Killdeer Area Ambulance’s housing crisis, he decided to do something about it and donated a lot, rent free. When we spoke with Stalland, he told us “Let’s help out, this is a great service for the community.”

The manager of the Killdeer Area Ambulance Service, Ann Hafner, said they employ five full time employees, four part time employees and over 20 volunteers. Hafner said “It’s an amazing gift that Peter has given to the community. This will allow our full time employees to feel comfortable because they will have a place they can call their own.”

Steve Holloway, who lives in the Amadon area, and Katie Elwood, who lives in Bismarck, are two of the full time employees who will benefit greatly from Peter’s generous donation. Holloway told us “We are very thankful for the help. It’s huge.”

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