Killdeer Art Class Field Trip

On December 2, Meghan Praus, teacher assistant, and Mrs. Julee Gartner, teacher, brought second grade students to the high school art class for a field trip.

Meghan Praus and Mrs. Julee  Gartner Katie, Jonas and Brooke with  Lakken Bice Emery Dobitz and Aiden

By Cherie Roshau

For the DC Herald

Meghan is enrolled in the co-op work experience program at Killdeer Public School. Co-op work students are required to go to the place of work five days a week for the class period, make journal entries each day with information pertinent to their work experience. Students are able to earn a letter grade for their co-op experience, whether it is with a business outside of the school or assisting teachers in their classroom as Meghan does. All work sites are approved by Killdeer Public School and must be within a reasonable distance from the school. The school provides a list of pre-approved sites within the city of Killdeer.

Mrs. Gartner, Meghan and the second grade students observed the Intro to Art students create their unique and expressive masks. Mrs. Cherie Roshau, art instructor, explained that the process of using a plaster gauze placed on the face would cast a likeness of that person. The students then used that as a mold to cast their masks. The art students were showing the younger students how to design and create a work of art out of simple materials. The younger students were full of questions and were intrigued by the projects. Some were able to help paint on the masks with the assistance of the older students. The second grade students ended their visit with a treat of cookies before they returned to their own classroom.

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