Killdeer built it…they did come…Put me in Coach

Mustang and Little League player Jake Travis takes his turn at the plate. Photos by Nicole Nowitzki.

Some may not know the history of the Killdeer baseball program. The fields were located where Cobblestone is now. The program was postponed, but few knew it would be halted for quite this long. Some took their children to Dickinson, but the drive and cost were a deterrent to many. Most of the baseball players took up new sports and moved on with their hobbies.

By Nicole Nowitzki

Dunn County Herald

After five long years, Killdeer Parks and Recreation built a beautiful baseball facility on the east side of town last year. The first year was riddled with bizarre weather. Who can forget the hail storm of 2016?! Their season was cut short, but the second year has started off with eager children ready to learn and play.

Well, it is back for the second year, and coaches Heather Travis and Lou Dobitz are working extremely hard to teach our children the fundamentals. All teams are co-ed, and they are a part of the Stateline League Summer Program. They are doing a phenomenal job with the program, and the children, parents, and community are so excited to have baseball back in town!

The Tball program ranges from 3-6 years old. It is split into two teams, and they scrimmage each other. They are learning the basics of catching, hitting off of a tee, throwing overhand and running bases.

The Mustangs (sometimes referred to as Midget League) consists of 7-9 year olds, and they are coach pitched. If they don’t get a hit after three throws, they are allowed to bring in the tee. They are transitioning with their skills from the basics to understanding the general ideas of the game.

The Little League ranges from 10-12, and they are player pitched. Coach Dobitz runs drills with them, and he is trying to fine-tune their skills.

Heather Travis said, “We also have extra help this year from a few of our High School students, Zane Pittsley and Karen Gardner.”

The last home game will be held on June 29. The Mustangs will start at 3:00, and the Little League will begin at 5:00. If you haven’t made a trip out to the new fields, this is the perfect time to take a lawn chair, bring a few dollars for concessions, and enjoy the ballgame.

For the next few years, some children will be beginners at all ages. It will be awesome to see where this program goes from here!

Little League catcher, Calvin Dobit awaits a pitch.
Little League pitcher, Austin Schmid fires a strike in league actiont.
Mustang player Michael Dukart eyes a throw in league action.

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