Killdeer city commission discusses sidewalks, school waterline billing, garbage

During the Nov. 20 meeting, the Killdeer city commissioners discussed a sidewalk project for the city, billing the school for a recent waterline break in August and changes to garbage rates.

By Zak Wellerman
Adam Isakson spoke to the commission about a project to improve sidewalks throughout town over multiple years. The areas discussed in the project were High Street and 5th Avenue in addition to Rodeo Drive and the Rockhaven and Zabolotny areas.
The commission voted to approve the project moving forward. City Auditor Matt Oase said the city has $600,000 set aside for the sidewalks and the High Street proportion would likely begin in summer 2018.
The commission also voted to bill Killdeer Public School for a waterline break that happened from around Aug. 23 to Oct. 23 around the concession stand area.
According to Oase, the break caused 100,000 gallons of water to leak per day, which led to a total of six million gallons being lost. The commissioners voted to bill the school for the total water lost at the Southwest Water rate of $4.26 per 1,000 gallons instead of a regular rate of $5.32 per 1,000 gallons.
The total came to be $25,560 with an additional cost of $1,383.11 for city repairs.
The garbage rates in Killdeer will likely increase slightly in 2018.
The city commissioners will be making a decision on how much of an increase could be by the end of the year.
Oase said the city has been losing money on garbage and an increase is needed to get out of the “red” area to sustain itself.
The suggested increase could range from $3 to $5 more in the rate, Oase added.
The current garbage rate is $15 per can and $19 to $20 per dumpster. The last increase was in 2015, but the garbage expenses continued to lose money. The previous increase before 2015 was several years earlier, Oase said.
They discussed possibly having discounts, such as for seniors, but did not make a decision on how much it should be.
Oase does suspect that there will be some resistance to an increase as there normally is when people’s budgets could be inflicted. But the increase is needed for the garbage services sustained.
The commission decided to discuss the rates at future meetings. The next meeting will be Dec. 4.

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