Killdeer city commissioner receives award for leadership

Killdeer City Commissioner Anita Mjolhus received the 110% Award at the Municipal Government Academy awards ceremony during the North Dakota League of Cities’ “March Madness” workshop on March 28-29 in Mandan.

“This is a great honor for a city official,” said Chelsey Benson, training services and communications manager for the North Dakota League of Cities. “Each city can be proud of the achievements of these 39 individuals and will enjoy the benefits of having a city leader so committed to the future of the community.”

The Municipal Government Academy’s Leadership Training Program recognizes city leaders for their dedication, time and commitment in making their communities better places to live. Award winners receive credits in the Leadership Training Program (LTP) by attending conferences and training events sponsored by the North Dakota League of Cities.

Nine LTP participants were recognized for achieving the first level or “Innovator” award (30 hours of training), 15 city leaders achieved the “Visionary” award (60 hours of training), nine individuals achieved the “Leader” award (100 hours of training) and six individuals reached the “110%” award that requires 200 hours of training.

The North Dakota League of Cities provides service, advocacy, leadership, education and support for North Dakota’s 357 incorporated cities. The Leadership Training Program is the cornerstone of the League’s commitment to providing city officials with the tools they need to govern effectively

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