Killdeer City Commissioners Support Airport Expansion

Killdeer City Commissioners had a varied agenda during their latest meeting held this past Monday.

By Pam Kukla

For the DC Herald

Some of the agenda items concerned hiring experienced workers through the Experience Works program, support of the Dunn County Municipal Airport, finalizing plans for swimming lessons for the areas’ youth, grant discussions and even ways of keeping the city clean.

First on the agenda was a presentation by the Experience Works program. The program provides jobs for workers 55 years and older with financial needs or disabilities. Experience Works is a federally funded program that pays the wages for employees working in non-profit or government businesses. The program isn’t meant to replace full time employees, but as support staff. John Williams, the Experience Works representative, said, “It is a great program because it isn’t a handout program and it does good for the community.”

The Dunn County Municipal Airport has seen great change in the past years, most recently with the renovation of the runways. The next step in the renovation is adding a stand-alone cardtrol fuel system. Mike Schollmeyer representing the airport authority commented on the need for a fuel system. “The need for fuel is there,” he said. The group has gathered 22 letters from pilots who said they would use the fuel system if it were added. Schollmeyer also discussed how many pilots have to travel either to Dickinson, Watford City, Williston or Hazen to fly into even though they have business in Killdeer. There is a matching grant available for the $445,000 project but the group still needs to raise money for their half of the grant. The group asked for 25% of the required share. Commissioners Monte Roshau and Kevin Candrian both stated the airport is needed in Killdeer. The Commissioners voted to fund the 25% towards the airports fuel system. The proposed completion date would be in Oct.

The new aquatics center is in the process of being built and will be a great addition to the community, unfortunately until it is completed people have nowhere to swim or take lessons. To help with this the city has decided to pay for the busing of children to Beulah for swimming lessons. Dawn Marquardt has said there had been a lot of response on Facebook about interest in swimming lessons, but there haven’t been many calls to city hall about the lessons. Until the city has exact numbers Beulah can’t finalize when lessons will be given. “There is only one session in Beulah right now, but possibly another if more WSIs are hired,” said Marquardt. Muscha also wondered if possible afternoon swims could be figured into the lessons. Bus stops in Dunn Center and Halliday were also discussed.

Police Chief Eric Braathen discussed a two year oil impact grant available to the city. “The grant came up pretty fast. The deadline is May 20th and would go into effect July 1,” said Bratthen. Some of the items listed in the grant would be coverage for fuel costs, two more police officers, two vehicles, and equipment like Toughbooks, cameras and updated Tasers. Commissioner Chuck Muscha stressed that if officers were hired they would be made aware they would only have a commitment of two years since their salaries were to be covered by the grant. “Go ahead and see what we can get,” said Commissioner Joel Spethman.

Keeping the city clean was also discussed. One area discussed was making sure residents don’t blow their grass clippings into the streets when mowing their lawns. The clippings can be swept into the storm drains and cause drainage problems. Commissioners also discussed residents’ complaints about the limited amount of hours the city dump is open.  Commissioners discussed if the Experience Works program might not be able to help with that problem. “Hopefully our town will be a little cleaner,” commented Muscha.

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