Killdeer continues to tackle key issues

The Killdeer City Commissioners discussed a renewal of a one percent sales tax on the community swimming pool at their regular city meeting on Sept. 17.


Special to the Dunn County Herald

 Sept. 21, 2012

The Killdeer City Commissioners discussed a renewal of a one percent sales tax on the community swimming pool at their regular city meeting on Sept. 17.

The swimming pool has been a topic of discussion recently, in light of the fact that the current pool has outlasted its 20 year projected lifespan. In recent meetings, the commission discussed talking to various community entities about interest in collaborating on a new swimming pool facility.

Commissioner Joel Spethman met with the Killdeer Public School Board on Wednesday, Sept. 17, to gauge interest in a new community pool. Spethman said the school board responded positively to a new complex, and showed interest in further discussion down the road. He also told the school board to contact the city commission with any questions, concerns or ideas for joint participation in the possible pool project.

The sales tax for the pool would not make the deadline for the regular November election, so the commission agreed unanimously to hold a special election to have a vote on the issue.

The commission also discussed an interest buy down loan requested by Stark Development. The purpose of the loan would be for Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing to construct apartments to help alleviate the continued housing crunch in Killdeer. The construction is slated to begin early next spring.

The loan is similar to other loans granted to Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, and the city’s obligation would be a maximum of $30,000. The commission passed the motion to move forward with the interest buy down loan.

The commission also discussed complaints from city residents concerning dust. One area that received complaints was the Adams Drive area west of Killdeer. The commission discussed participating in dust abatement along with property owners in the area. The commission passed a motion to help with dust control in the area.

The commission also discussed dust problems in the vicinity of the Cenex Convenience Store on Highway 22. The truck parking lot is unpaved, causing residents to complain of problems due to dust. The commission discussed that Farmers Union Oil of Killdeer General Manager Jim Oswalt agreed to meet with some commissioners on site to discuss solutions. The commission agreed to set up a meeting with Oswalt as soon as possible.

The commission also discussed the development of the John Reiss property west of Killdeer on Highway 200. A small portion of the development would be within shared city jurisdiction. Commissioner Chuck Muscha’s biggest concern for the property was fire safety and protection. Muscha suggesting requesting that underground water tanks be installed in case of a fire emergency.

After discussion, the commission decided to put the issue on their Oct. 1 agenda.


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