Killdeer Cowboy Sports Complex Starts Updating Track

This week’s temperatures brought more than green grass and sunburns; it also began the next step towards completing the Killdeer Cowboy Sports Complex.

Killdeer Cowboy Sports Complex track being completed

By Pam Kukla

For The DC Herald

The complex used to be the home to track meets, including the large Town Criers meet, but needed serious renovations to make it usable again. This week’s warm temperatures were perfect for laying down the multiple layers of coating needed to make the new track.

Boy’s head track coach Nathan Horgeshimer said he was excited about the new track. “It will be nice to have a few track meets here and not have to travel as much,” he added. Superintendent Gary Wilz said the track needed the warm temperatures so it couldn’t be completed last fall. He said you couldn’t have temperatures below zero or it shortened the longevity of the track.

As the track is being completed it is very important to stay off of it while it cures. Signs will be posted around the complex to remind people to stay off the track during the process.

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