Killdeer Cowboy’s Homecoming

As one walked into the Killdeer school last Friday a sense of school pride flowed out the doors.

Tuff Kling Kallisha Keller Jonas Rohr Ava Lee

2014 Homecoming King and Queen, Tuff Kling and Kallisha Keller ride in the parade with Jonas Rohr and Ava Lee.

By Alanna Tomjack

For the DC Herald


The sound loud chanting and stomping of children’s feet carried through the halls. Killdeer Homecoming isn’t just for the high school, the elementary students are included as well. What a delight to see so much spirit throughout the entire school.

The excitement was still in the air when the pep band played the introduction into the 2014 Homecoming Coronation Celebration and when the cheerleaders led the school cheer song. Then the crowd quieted when the guitar duet of Caleb Musick and Hannah Smyth filled the air.

The 2014 Homecoming King Candidates were Trenton Rohr, Lewis Dobitz, Sean Tuhy and Tuff Kling. The queen candidates were Kallisha Keller, Chloe Fredericks, Jessica Starr, Jurnee Murray. The crown carriers were Jonas Rohr and Ava Lee.

The 2013 King and Queen, Calum Blankenship and Morgan LeMieux, crowned Tuff Kling and Kallisha Keller the 2014 Homecoming King and Queen.

Following the coronation was the pep rally. There were several different competitions between students and some with the staff that raised the roof with excitement; from a Cotton Eye Joe dance-off to licking peanut butter of a window. But who can forget the coaches cream pie eating contest.

The coaches lined up behind a row of pies and dropped their heads face first into pans of whip cream.

“Pep rallies are important to build community within the school. Instead of individual grades we become the Killdeer Cowboys” commented Principal Kleeman. “The elementary can come down and see how they get pumped up. And that is why Killdeer athletics do so well.”

Kleeman encourages the high school students to act as role models; because the elementary kids see them and look up to them.

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