Killdeer dominates the field and the Court


It’s Killdeer Cowboys football, folks. On Saturday Augusts 26th, Killdeer went toe-to-toe with Kenmare in what ended up being an exciting victory for our Cowboys.

By Bryan Katz

The first quarter started off rocky, as both teams scored 6 points. But Killdeer soon became a powerhouse that would sweep the field.

By the end of the second quarter, our Cowboys had a 14-6 lead on Kenmore. Into the third quarter, not a single point was scored by either team, however, the final score ended up being 34-12, for a Cowboys victory.

Devensively, the Cowboys had a pretty outstanding game with key tackles were made by Alex Sadowsky (16), Dylan Tabor (19), Zach Anderson (20), Cole Dukart (21), Riley Reiss (27), Michael Moreno (54), Ryan Zastoupil (60), Garrett Lemieux (81) and Dawson Schmeling.

Offensively, Killdeer ran the field with a total of 226 rushing yards. Cole Dukart took to the field with 160 rushing yards in only 10 rushes for two touchdowns. Dylan Tabor for 25 rushing yards and one touchdown and then Garrett Lemieux with one touchdown.

This was the opening game for all six teams who competed; Bowman County Bulldogs played New Town Eagles, Beulah Miners played Stanley Blue Jays, and, of course, Killdeer played Kenmore. As the season kicks off to a good start, we’ll just have to patiently wait to see what other tricks Coach Lou Dobitz has up his sleeve for this years’ Cowboys.

As if three football games wasn’t enough action for one day, Killdeer also hosted the Killdeer Mountain Volleyball Tournament in which 8 teams participated. Killdeer played Underwood first and won 21-17 and 21-15, then moved onto Beach where they won one match 21-6, and lost one 21-19. Killdeer then went on to play Heart River, winning both matches 21-9 and 21-17, where they made it to the finals and beat Hettinger/Scranton both times; 21-19 and 21-6.

This was the first tournament Killdeer has won in a very, very long time.

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