Killdeer elects Muscha as new mayor; Coker, LaRocque head to Nov. election

In last week’s primary election, Killdeer saw two key governing seats up for play on the city’s board of commissioners.



N.D. Group Editor

Dan Dolechek , the incumbent mayor, lost in the primary race with 84 votes against Commissioner Chuck Muscha’s 134 votes. Muscha held a seat on the board before lending his name to the mayoral race.

Incumbent Commissioner Anita Mjolhus reclaimed her seat on the city board with 121 votes, along with newcomer Kevin Candrian, who won the most votes in the contest with 152 in his favor. The two ran for the two open seats alongside Matthew Hegstad, who lost with 112 votes.

As for one of the county’s most watched election, the race for Dunn County Sheriff, Sheriff Clay Coker ran to keep his position against former sheriff deputies Kenny LaRocque and Glenn Gietzen. Following the primary, Coker and La Rocque received enough votes – 384 and 417 votes respectively – to head into the November general election.

Gietzan lost with 109 votes. Voters will also chose three of the candidates running for the Dunn County Board of Commissioners in the general election, with incumbents Donna Scott, Daryl Dukart and Glenn Eckelberg heading to the November election along with Tim Steffan and Craig Pelton. Because voters picked two candidates for each available position, and only five candidates ran for the office, all five proceed past the primary election. Pelton, Dukart and Scott, however, were the three contenders in that race receiving the most votes.

Current Assistant Dunn County State’s Attorney Pat Merriman, who ran unopposed for Dunn County State’s Attorney, was challenged by writein candidate Bekki Grant, who received a total of 188 w r i t e – i n votes compared with Merriman’s 595 votes.

The two will head to the general election.

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