Killdeer elementary principal retires

Dietz among three who are retiring from Killdeer school

With the school year coming to a close, it is time to recognize a few Killdeer Public School staff members.


Carol Dietz, Sharon Neurohr, and Sonya Hartman were recognized on Wednesday for their upcoming retirement.

Also, plaques were given out for milestones of service to Jackie Gjermundson (10 years), Janis Harris (10 years), Sandee Pittsley (25 years), and Cindy Hanson (35 years and continued work after retirement).

While sitting down with a teary eyed Dietz, she had a moment to reminisce about her career.

She graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Music Education from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in January 1977.

She started out subbing in Oskosh, but she found her first teaching job in Kremlin/Gildford, Montana. She got lucky to use both of her degrees teaching half-time Second grade and half-time music. However, she was living a great distance from her husband, so she eventually moved. She has worked in Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.

She had many fond memories of her career, but she explained that her favorite part about education was when students get the big picture and the light bulb goes off in their heads.

“They just glow when they acquire the new knowledge. It happens with little kids and big kids. Also, a strong connection is made with the community, families, staff, and the students…with everyone. School is not a solo job. I’m just one part of a whole, and I don’t consider this job more special.”

When asked what she will miss, she responded, “The kids! I will miss the things they share with you. It can make your day. Also, the staff because we are all working toward a common goal together to have the kids succeed. School becomes your life and family, and if you have to leave your family, you will miss them!”

Her plans for retirement consist of spending more time with the grandkids, playing her piano as loudly as she wants, reading all the books she hasn’t had time to read, volunteering, playing in the yard, and most importantly, she can’t wait to live with her husband that she has missed very much.

Anne Nies said, “My favorite memory is when Mrs. Dietz would come to the music room and listen to the kids sing. Mrs. Dietz always had something nice to say when we would ask her to critique our performances!”

Josie Andersen explained, “I’m going to miss when she would ‘Dab’ when she sneezed and giving us high fives. Sometimes, she would ‘sike’ us, and it was funny. She is very nice and caring to all the students, and I’ve had her as a principal since I was in preschool. She was always there if something was wrong.”

The last few weeks are going to be the hardest for Carol Dietz. I’m sure she is going to soak up every second.

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