Killdeer FFA opens their hearts to those in need

After the drought this summer, Killdeer FFA realized how much a weather-related event really affects the community.
After watching many of our parents make difficult decisions, the chapter decided to band together and help out.

By Rachel Voigt, Killdeer FFA Reporter
We wanted to donate to a drought relief fund that helped farmers and ranchers in North Dakota, but the chapter felt that we should do more.
A few members looked into numerous programs that would allow us to donate to the Texas area affected by hurricanes and the land taken by the raging wildfires in Montana. We decided to donate to HOPE for the Heartland, the Texas Agricultural Education Disaster Relief Fund and the Montana Stockgrowers Association.
HOPE for the Heartland is working to help the farmers and ranchers in North Dakota that were hit hard by the state-wide drought.
The Texas Agricultural Relief Fund is helping teachers and students get back to school in the areas destroyed by the hurricanes. Montana Stockgrowers Association is providing aid to those affected by the lodgepole fire.
These organizations are doing their best to help out those in need, and Killdeer FFA did what they could to help as well.
FFA members are taught to live out the last line of the FFA Motto, “Living to Serve”, and that is exactly what the FFA members of Killdeer were striving to do.

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