Killdeer-Halliday schools agree on Co-op agreement

Junior high school and senior high school students from Halliday will be attending Killdeer public School next year, based on a Cooperative Joint Education program between the two school districts.

The boards of education from each district agreed on the agreement earlier this year. It will be for the 2017-18 school year.

In the agreement, the Killdeer school district will provided classes for Pre-K through 12th-grade for its resident students. It will also educate all Halliday students in the seventh grade through the 12th grade.

Halliday will continue to provide classes for students in kindergarten through the sixth grade for its resident students.

Each district will maintain its own board and be responsible for its own fiscal management. Both boards agreed that this relationship will best serve the educational needs for their students and provide a good “economy of scale” to allow for sound fiscal practices in each district, said Killdeer Superintendent Gary Wilz, in a Killdeer school newsletter.

The agreement must be approved by the Department of Public instruction to be finalized. 

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