Killdeer Parks and Rec.


For those who have spent much time at the Killdeer Aquatic and Wellness Center, or have been to any of the parks in town, chances are you know of James Mousseau, the former Director of Killdeer Parks and Recreation.

By Bryan Katz

Last week, in front of the Killdeer Board of Commissioners, Mr. Mousseau expressed his resignation as Killdeer Parks and Recreation Director. This came as a shock to many citizens as well as to those working at the Aquatic Center who did not know James would be resigning. However, during a phone call made to James last week, he stated that, “The Commissioners knew about the decision well in advance.”

James also wanted to assure the citizens of Killdeer that, “the department was left in good shape.” We wish James the best of luck in his endeavors, and hope that our next Parks and Recreation Director has the same standards for the beautification of this town.

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