Killdeer Parks and Recreation Unveil New Park (photos)

State of the art play equipment being installed at the new park in Killdeer. All that’s left to do, is set wood chips.

You really never know what these guys have up their sleeve; from youth sports year ‘round such as track, softball, basketball and volleyball to shiny new equipment in the parks, you guessed it, Killdeer Parks and Recreation have sure given the City of Killdeer something to boast about.

Bryan Katz


Dunn County Herald

If you’ve taken a stroll down High St. in the past couple of weeks, you may have seen something in the works. A new paved road with ample parking, leading to a 25-acre plot of land. But what’s been put on this land is even more appealing.

Two enclosed baseball diamonds, two full-sized tennis courts, a brand new basketball court, an outdoor ice rink with heating huts and fresh-paved walkways leading to each. But let’s not stop there. There is a brand new playground going in that is said to be finished this week once the wood chips are set. And if you’re in the mood for a picnic, a family gathering, or simply want to escape the summer heat, there is even a covered area with brand new tables.

This beautiful new park is the byproduct of the City of Killdeer working hand-in-hand with Killdeer Parks and Rec. to gift the citizens of Killdeer with something special.

In talking with James Mousseau of the Killdeer Parks and Rec., he stated that, “this is a way that we can take a step in a positive direction to show that Killdeer Parks and the City of Killdeer work together.”

Along with all of these amazing new amenities that the city now offers, there is now a dramatic rise in interest in community activities.

Killdeer Parks and Rec. has taken this into consideration and has begun to compile a large list of ideas in which they will be executing throughout the seasons – yes, even winter, utilizing the brand new outdoor ice rink.

James later stated, “we are hopeful for the appreciation of our current facilities while they undergo upgrades.”

Full-sized tennis courts on the West side of the brand new park
Parking is certainly no issue at this new park.
The new park offers a covered area perfect for
One of the two brand new baseball diamonds in the new park off of High St.

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