Killdeer Postmaster Retires

Mary Armbrust retires as Postmaster of the Killdeer Post Office after almost 22 years.

If you’ve ever gone into the Killdeer Post Office, chances are, you would have seen the smiling face of Mary Armbrust. She, along with the other personnel, made it a delight to stop in for business or pleasure.

Nicole Nowitzki

Dunn County Herald

Some of you may not know, but Mary retired in June, and we are certainly going to miss her bubbly personality. However, let’s take a moment to blast into the past to find out where her fun began.

She started her career with the post office in June of 1985. She was a postmaster relief in Fairfield, ND, and she added, “58627,” just for fun. In October, she was promoted to full-time postmaster. The ten years she spent in Fairfield, she also helped out in Belfield whenever she was needed. Plus, she worked at the post office in Medora during the summer and over the Christmas holiday because it’s so busy. She enjoyed her Christmas’s spent in Medora because she loved the holiday spirit.

In October, 1995, she was promoted to the Postmaster of the Killdeer Post Office. She felt welcomed by the community and fell in love with the hospitality. She said, “I loved going to work for this community. I always felt that the community you work in is your boss. Yes, there are rules, and yes, I had a supervisor to answer to, but every day I worked for all of you.” Then, In 2007, she was awarded the “Outstanding County Employee” Award for her outstanding customer service by the Dunn County JDA.

The thing she is going to miss most is the great staff that she worked with, past and present. She wanted to send a message to them by saying, “Thank you for doing a great job for the community. I will miss this job!”

Mary has been enjoying her time off, and she mentioned, “The best part is that when someone asks if I can help with something, I can. Plus, I love being available more for my family!”

Some he wants to volunteer for different things in the community. Eventually, she may go back to work somewhere, but for now, she is busy with family, friends, her garden, and her yard. She also has all kinds of projects planned for the winter months.

Surely, this won’t be the last time we see her around Killdeer. This is not a goodbye; it’s a see you later.

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