Killdeer Prom!

The KHS Junior Prom had a different theme this year.


Instead of the usual ordered theme with cardboard cut outs, the juniors gathered the dusty, rusty treasures of their parents and grandparents to create a one of a kind Burlap and Lace Prom. All the

decorations were antiques that ranged from real split rail cedar fences, steer skulls, chaps, wagon wheels, and tumbleweeds. Besides the decorations, the juniors also skipped the usual DJ and went with a live band, Pistol Grip.

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One thought on “Killdeer Prom!

  1. I love the junior classes imagination. KHS used to have a “Barn Dance” every year with real split wood rails surrounding the inside of the gym, saddles, hay, and wagon wheels also….it was a huge success with adults also participating from throughout the region. Everyone dressed in their very best or in western attire. Girls were not allowed to wear jeans. .We were so isolated at the time we got most of our ideas from the movies. We always had a live band, Crime was virtually unheard of. (Think “Mayberry”). Find it on TV.. No, it wasn’t hokey. It was America at it’s best. I hope Killdeer has retained some of that quality. PLEASE continue to keep Killdeer “western”. Tourists and city folks love it. I also love your Busting Bronc Logo!

    I trust you not to publish the year. I’m simply enjoying reminiscing!

    Thank you,

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