Killdeer Resident Hired as New Stark County Deputy CVSO

Angela Hunt, former Office Manager at the Dunn County Herald has been hand-picked by Stark County to be the Deputy County Veteran Service Officer to assist newly-hired VSO Jessica Clifton.


By DCH Staff

Angela’s duties will include coordinating counseling services, support and advocacy on behalf of veterans of the Armed Forces. Essentially helping Vets with everything from veteran’s benefits to assisting with claims at both the state and federal level. Other duties include: grant writing, research and interpretation of the complex and sometimes draconian laws, rules, and regulations which apply to benefits, compiling adequate documentation, helping Vets meet time deadlines, insuring that local county commissioners in Stark and Dunn counties are informed about the services provided to veterans and their dependents including successes and obstacles associated with that delivery. And, on a more somber note, assisting the families of veterans who have died with funeral directors, entitlement/application to/of burial and death benefits, and publication of obituaries of veterans and their spouses.

Serving Stark, Dunn, Billings and Hettinger counties, Clifton has been the Deputy VSO for the past 3 years and is a veteran of the US Air Force. Angela was the Herald’s Office Manager for almost 1 year and is, herself, a veteran of the US Navy. A transplant from the state of Oregon, Angela’s husband is an employee of Nalco Champion and they boast 4 children (ages 15-22) and 1 grandchild. In fact, her daughter Teagan replaces her mom as the Herald’s new Office Manager at their office which has just completed extensive renovations and upgrades. A Killdeer resident, Angela will be staffing the local Veteran’s Services office at the Dunn County Social Services building (125 Central Ave.) on the first and third Tuesdays of each month with her main office in the Stark County Courthouse in Dickinson with her new boss Jessica Clifton.

Clifton was excited about the new hire, “It’s exciting to bring Angela on board so that we can continue to provide excellent services to our local veterans.” Angela agreed, “I’m looking forward to working with my new boss and helping our local vet heroes.” Teagan also praised her mother, “I couldn’t be prouder of Mom. This new job is the one she always wanted.” Good luck to Angela and she will be missed by us too.

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